I Ching

I Ching reading - Tres Mancias

True readings

Brief samples with everything that interests you: labour, projects, love, family, private affairs, social affairs, relationships ...

I Ching - Tres Mancias

Projecting changes

Set goals and define your direction with the great estimation of tendencies and chances of the Chinese oracle.

Inner signs

Add data to your readings with The Book of Changes: 16 nuclear signs are the roots of situations, hidden tendencies remaining invisible ...


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True readings

Brief samples with Aquarian, Egyptian and Marseille arcana: no topic can´t be answered through the Tarot.

Tarot - Tres Mancias

Major arcana

Esoteric topics in the Aquarian, Egyptian and Marseille Tarots: join arcane with the same number in the sequence and unveil mysteries, search for them!

Esoteric fortune-telling

Tres Mancias

The vital approach

Mancias and forecasts according to vital energy´s movements: know the use of the I Ching, the Tarot and Astrology at Tres Mancias

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Get closer to mancias!

Dogmas, stereotypes and false dichotomies about fortune-telling and esoterism: they´re in your daily life!

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Esoteric readings!

Live esoterism with practical exercises and use mancias for your vital reality, not virtuality.

Esoterismo - Tres Mancias

Mancias and esoterism (I)

Read movements with the I Ching, the Tarot and Astrology, and predict by perceiving totalities!

mancias y esoterismo - Tres Mancias

Mancias and esoterism (II)

When will things happen? Do you want to know when they will end? Some indicators are more accurate than others ...

Mancias y esoterismo en Tres Mancias

Mancias and esoterism (III)

Who has not ever wonder about death? Mancias represent it and also predict about it: development, astralism and the ethics at Tres Mancias.

Astrología - Tres Mancias

Three approaches in Astrology

Karma, developement of consciousness and free will are also topics objetified in a natal chart.

Astrología - Tres Mancias

The vital Astrology

Esoteric bases of vital integration between signs: mental energy and zero determinism in Astrology.

Astrología - Tres Mancias

Astrological fusions

Etheric centres of a human being are associated with planets´ activity: use Astrology to promote the changes you wish!

Karmic Astrology

Astrología - Tres Mancias

On Karmic Astrology

A very useful synthesis for a deep meditation on this Astrology´s branch: what it is, what is not, what it expresses and how ...

Astrología - Tres Mancias

Karma and free will (I)

Integrating development´s changes always bring happiness and vital fullness. Understanding these processes is basic to make decisions.

Astrología Kármica - Tres Mancias

Karma of the Sun

Mental energy changes it all. Search for your Sun sign and meditate on karmic changes towards its antagonistic element.

Astrología Kármica - Tres Mancias

Karma of the Moon

The Moon complements the Sun, an evolutive Alchemy. Search for your Moon sign and add details to your karmic Astrology.

Carta natal Ada Lovelace - Astrología Kármica - Tres Mancias

Famous people´ s karmic charts

Brief samples with tips to interpret reincarnation cycles, tendencies and projections on the evolutive axis, density, karma´s depletion ...

Consultar Astrología en Tres Mancias

Signs and magnetism

Elementals are our source of private energy. New qualities unfold every month: search for your sign and live your phases!

Ascendentes - Astrología y Tarot egipcio en Tres Mancias

Rising signs

The rising sign in your astral chart has several expressions: search for yours and find planetary echoes with the Egyptian Tarot´s arcana.

Astrología - Tres Mancias

Know this perspective

Four basic articles on Developmental Astrology to read in a sequence: The Astral, The Mental, Three birth charts and The Ascendants.

Carta natal Angus Young - Astrología del Desarrollo - Tres Mancias

Famous people´ s charts

Brief samples with the astral, esoteric and magnetic charts of several characters. Each reading highlights a special side of development.

Free Will Astrology

Astrología - Tres Mancias

Karma and free will (II)

When do we care about karma? How is it perceived and what to do with it? These topics and more in an article to reflect together ...

Astrología del Libre Albedrío - Tres Mancias

Free will in Astrology (I)

Four articles on this completely new esoteric approach, with Winona Ryder´s chart and indicators to handle.

Antonio Banderas - Astrología del Libre Albedrío - Tres Mancias

Famous people´ s charts

Brief samples with the psychic signs deduced from famous people´s astral charts. Five-pointed stars bring news and surprises!

Advanced Astrology

Astrología - Tres Mancias

The comet effect

Zodiacal poles express together, with their own ways as time passes by. And travel through esoteric channels, the lesser resistance ways!

Astrología - Tres Mancias

The magnetic network

Jupiter and Uranus rule different sides of magnetism. Their relationship in a natal chart is very relevant but they´re not the only variable to consider ...

Phrases to reflect

Frases para reflexionar en Tres Mancias

Desires, mancias, reality, the mind, beliefs ...

Carol K. Anthony, Charles Fort, Denkoroku, Hagakure, Sarah Dening, Michel Gall.

Art and Mancias

Arte y Mancias en Tres Mancias

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Arts related with the I Ching, the Tarot, Astrology and esoteric fortune-telling. Visit the section and contact to spread your art!

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