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Astrology and fusions. The three Zodiacs

It´s the reading material title for practices on Esoteric Astrology at Tres Mancias. You can sign up for practices only if you´ve already completed the basic Astrology course at the consultancy.

This material is a free book and you can access it through the link below.

There´s 20 chapters and 3 annexes (287pages) to read online and/or download in .pdf format (5,67 MB).


As you advance in your reading, you´ll see that contents complexity progressively increases because all topics are constantly articulated.

The astrological interpretation of topics such as karma, perception´s development, and free will necessarily have to be comprehensive since the beginning in the observation of a birth chart, so if this is the first time you access the material, you could follow these suggestions:


~ Follow the chapters order and don´t skip it.

~ After reading each chapter, take your notes and pursue. If at any time you arrive at an intellectual labyrinth, don´t stuck in it. Go on with your reading because topics are constantly retaken and maybe some clarification in later chapters makes you return on the read and clarify the understanding.

~ Once you finish your first full reading, review your notes and reach a new understanding of the esoteric logic that sustains the interpretation.

~ Practice with each concept. Start with the indicators posed in the first chapters and then add others more complex but try no to apply them individually. Bear in mind that a good application of complex concepts starts with a good application of the simplest (the ones you´ll find in the first chapters).

~ Repeat the process and complex in a spiral. If at any time you lose of your sight the esoteric logic in your readings and don´t find a way to articulate indicators (convergents and/or divergents), you can sign up for personalized courses in Basic Astrology and Esoteric Astrology at the consultancy. Bear in mind that the personalized follow-up that I offer in the basic course will allow you to focus without problems on the esoteric concepts and practices, avoiding confusions and basis tangles.

~ If you have already studied Esoteric Astrology at the consultancy, then you have all you need to advance in a spiral and on your own: choose any chapter in the book and try to articulate its content/practice with that of any other chapter. As always, you can take intensive practices again and as many times as you want, and in the way you already know.

Read this!

There´s a continuity for the book, recently published:

Figures of planetary progressions

More info in The ātman chart. Don´t miss it!

About the book

Astrology and fusions. The three Zodiacs is the product after many years of studying, meditating, practicing, and observing on esoterism and Astrology. Its first draft appeared in 2012, basically on single notes about specific topics that later were reunited until they took a comprehensive form in later years.

The book contains a lot of references that point to Esoteric Astrology by Alice A. Bailey, and poses radical differences in an atheistic and vital approach.

Finally, it emerged as such at the beginning of 2016 and the consultancy started offering readings on these topics in 2017, in a more accessible format and focused on each consultant’s particular interests. On the contrary, in the book you´ll find all topics related since the beginning because it has been designed for learning and teaching based on perceptual frameworks (not in data summatory).

On this website you´ll find different kinds of publications based on this approach. Visit the notes, comment on them and ask questions related to them, since technical questions at Tres Mancias are for free.

The reading will present a certain complexity degree if you have not studied basic Astrology at the consultancy. And probably you make wrong deductions and get confused about the basics. Sign up for the initial course, the only previous step you need!

The ethics in the book

In this atheistic and vital approach that retakes some A. A. Bailey´s proposals, you´ll see that the author´s hierarchic regencies are named as prototypical regencies (magnetic ones).

This reformulation is much more than a simple name change, and is related to Tres Mancias general ethics that you already know.

Development and free will practices are permanent bets that are renewed according to our desires and intentions. They´re impulsed all the time linking different tones and frequencies, and it just requires actioning with our vital structure.

As human beings, we lack anything, we´re on no scale and there´re no steps to «overcome» or «accomplish». Astrology and fusions is not read in terms of power but desire and movement (freedom of action).


~ Julia

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