I Ching, Tarot and Astrology Consultancy

I Ching readings
Fortune-telling with The Book of Changes
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Tarot readings
Fortune-telling with the Aquarian, Egyptian and Marseille arcana
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Esoteric Tarot course
All major arcana in 16 private or group classes
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Vocation and Work
Vocational guidance and forecast with the I Ching, Tarot and Astrology
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Compatibility in relationships and forecast with the I Ching, Tarot and Astrology
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Karmic Astrology
Causes, effects and reincarnation in a personalized reading
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Developmental Astrology
Your three birth charts in an esoteric personalized reading
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Free Will Astrology
Change your karma and development with personalized esoteric tips
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Basic Astrology course
Read a birth chart in 3 and a half months
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Esoteric Astrology course
6-weeks intensive practices to learn all the esoteric topics at TM
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Karmic Astrology course
Read karma in a birth chart with an atheistic and vital approach
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Karmic Astrology

Atheistic and vital approach!

Read karma in two months

Personalized follow-up

Weekly classes and exercises via email

Requisites: have basic Astrology knowledge and commitment with constant practice

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What we´  ll do together

~ Learn by practicing
~ Observe common-sense criteria and the one that is proper to Astrology
~ Reflect about esoteric basis in each interpretation
~ Differentiate between what is vital and what is symbolic in Astrology
~ Develop your writing skills

Personalized follow-up to …

~ Read your own birth chart and any other you propose
~ Recognize the specific about the karmic approach in Astrology
~ Punctuate what an astrological indicator says and what it does not say
~ Perceive the enormous variety in possible deductions derived from indicators convergence/divergence, doing it by yourself and without referencing bibliographies.

Reading contents

Definitions. Atheistic and vital approach. Totalities and partialities.

Principles. Substances. Movements and densities. Planetary implications of the evolutive development.

Moon. Moon nodes. Pre and post-birth eclipses. Birth lunar phase. Karmic rulers.

Signs elements. Natural interactions. Transformations and transmutations.

Definition. Karma depletion: concept and indicators. Time: chronological readings and beyond time readings. Convergences and divergences interpretation.

Indicators. Karmic expression effects. Changes in birth karma and in the evolutive axis. 

Registration open througout the year. ¡Start now!

More info and registration:
Price: € 287.- U$D 341.- $ 33.000.-

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Astrology course

Read a birth chart in 3 and a half months! Online personalized follow-up with weekly classes. Registration open!

Astrology course

6-weeks online intensive practices! Free program completely personalized and adapted to your interests. Registration open!

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