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They are means for divination that are used to read invisible mental patterns that have remained, remain and may continue to remain unknown.
They´re energies that cause any type of material manifestation. They circulate all the time everywhere and it´s possible to perceive them even before they´re visibly expressed.

Coins, Tarot cards, and Astrology are used to translate the invisible, perceiving the density and subtlety in mental patterns in the past, present, and probable futures.

Readings and courses are in charge of Julia Pérez Bustamante at Tres Mancias | I Ching, Tarot and Astrology Consultancy.

Readings are done from a vital and esoteric point of view: the term «vital» refers to energy´s circulation in any human organic system, and the term «esoteric» refers to the structure, functions and operations in the circulation channels.

To inform us about the invisible causes in the past, the present and those in the probable future. There´s no topic or issue that cannot be answered with the three mentioned mancias and it will only be necessary to bear in mind that the more general the question is, the more abstract the answer is.
Manipulating psychologically: guiding the evolution of your personality, changing tendencies, control lingtemperaments, indicating efforts, judgingaptitudes, mix ingphilosophical valuations with interpretations, giving advice of a «therapeutic» kind.

Conditions and agreements

Once payment is checked, Tres Mancias has a 7 days maximum period to send readings via email or postal mail, depending on the option chosen by the consultant. In the latter case, the date given by the postal mail company at the time of dispatching at the branch is considered as the sending certificate.

Said sending period may exceptionally be extended depending on the readings´  request that may occur. Tres Mancias is characterized by offering completely personalized readings elaborated in an artisan way, without interpretation made by computer´s programs. In these exceptions, Tres Mancias sends the requested readings during the fifteen (15) days after payment has been checked.

For more information about orders and sendings, write to info@tresmancias.com.

Courses´classes have a weekly frequency and a new lesson is only sent if the proposed exercises have been answered. The consultancy maintains high quality in the offers with a teaching based on the integration of concepts and a personalized follow-up throughout the process. If there´ s a delay in responses, the estimated duration of the courses is extended based on that delay. Estimated periods are: 5 months for Esoteric Tarot, 3 ½ months for Basic Astrology, and 2 months for Karmic Astrology.

If chosen learning esoteric Tarot in a group mode, a new class will be sent to each group´s member only if all the group´s members have answered to the weekly exercises.

To study Karmic Astrology, whoever registers defines whether or not they have the knowledge to understand basic symbols and meanings in a birth chart. It´s not requested to prove such knowledge with certificates.

In the Esoteric Astrology course, each student has the option of asking up to three questions per week. After each week, she/he again has the option of asking only up to three questions per week.

For more information about courses, write to training@tresmancias.com.

The personal information that you enter in the forms on this website, including your email address, is confidential and is kept indefinitely to facilitate your data registration and provide you with special personalized attention throughout time.

Your personal data is used to send the readings you have requested, carry out the courses in which you have registered and/or send you updates/promos if you have subscribed to the newsletter.

The information you provide is not available to companies or individuals except in case of formal legal requirement and when sharing contents on the esoteric Tarot course´s forum. For more information about the forum´s  terms of use, please go to the next section on this page («Tarot forum»).

The personal infomation that www.tresmancias.com stores is that which you enter manually in the forms when you request readings, register for courses, subscribe to the newsletter and/or comment on publications.

You should bear in mind that data transmissions over the Internet can initially have security gaps, so absolute protection cannot be guaranteed.


Abusive or slanderous language is not allowed, is prohibited to share offensive material, and this forum fosters courtesy and respect in an open environment.

The forum is only used for informational, non-commercial purposes related to the esoteric Tarot course at Tres Mancias. Any other activity, spamming, and the illegal ones, are prohibited.

Julia Pérez Bustamante is the forum´s administrator and does not guarantee the forum will be available on an uninterrupted, secure or error-free basis.



For you to see online which topics and posts have visited and which have not yet, www.tresmancias.com collects data to let you know by installing four cookies in your browser, little text files that allows recognizing your next visit each time you access the forum (“xmblva” for your last time active, “xmblvb” for your session end time, “xmbuser” for your user name, and “xmbpw” for your password/current time/path/url domain). www.tresmancias.com uses said cookies for the purposes mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph and does not share it with companies or any other thirty parties, except in case of formal legal requirements. To make use of the forum, you accept the use of said cookies.

Each time you logout, the previously stored cookies are automatically deleted from this website´s registries, and new ones are stored to be used in your next login. This way, in your next visit the forum will inform you about your activity in it with updated data.



It´s not allowed to redistribute, copy, reproduce, republish, display, post or transmit the forum´s contents in any way or through any means (including but not limiting to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without the explicit and written authorization of Julia Pérez Bustamante.

Julia Pérez Bustamante reserves the right to change, update and monitor the use of the forum and its contents at any time and without notice.

Users may fill out their private profiles with the information they want to share with the rest of registered users. www.tresmancias.com uses said information according with the same terms of use that the consultancy applies for giving readings and dictating courses. Said terms are explicited in the previous section “Confidentiality”.



You must not share your passwords, account´s data or access to the forum with any other person. You´re responsible for all the activities that occur through the use of your password and account or as a result of your access to the forum.

You must to immediately notify Julia Pérez Bustamante about any unauthorized use of your password or account or any use of them that is not authorized by these terms of use. Notifications must be sent to webmaster@tresmancias.com.

You must not access the online functioning systems of www.tresmancias.com, except your user account in the esoteric Tarot´s forum.

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You must not use robots, spiders, scrapers or any other automatized mean in the forum without the written and explicit authorization of Julia Pérez Bustamante.

Any contents accessed, downloaded or obtained through the use of the forum must be used according to these terms and at your own risk.



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Julia Pérez Bustamante shall have no responsibility for any damage to your computer, its system, eventual loss of data and any other circumstance derived from the mentioned damage and eventual loss that results from downloads or the use of the forum´s contents.

You must indemnify and hold harmless Julia Pérez Bustamante from and against any claim, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses due to or arising out of the use of the forum and shared contents.

When requesting readings, signing up for courses, subscribing to the newsletter and/or commenting on publications on www.tresmancias.com, you agree to these terms. If you do not accept these terms, do not request readings, do not register for the courses, do not subscribe to the newsletter and do not comment on  publications.

In case you subscribe to the newsletter, you will have the option to unsubscribe each time you receive a new communication in your email inbox.

Webpages on www.tresmancias.com site are property of Julia Pérez Bustamante.

Reproduction, use, modification, distribution of the contents on any type of format (paper, CD-ROM, web pages) and linking online to this website is prohibited without the explicit written permission of Julia Pérez Bustamante.

To request permissions, write to webmaster@tresmancias.com.


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