Chien (39): The Impediment (16~21~35~51)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Chien (39) ~ The Impediment In Before Consummation (64 – Wei Chi), we´ve seen how this last hexagram internally conditions Chien (The Impediment, 39). And as a flower reproducing other flowers, The Impediment is at the same time the hidden inner situation in other situations in the I Ching. To recap, we have chaos (64) […]

A book´ s impression

I Ching reading - Tres Mancias

A client wrote a book and took it to an editorial to be evaluated for a possible impression. Editorial accepted the sending but never answered even when its author required several times a commentary on his work. Although later the author desisted to publish through the editorial, and being that it´s an original work, he […]