K´ uei (38): The Antagonism (5~9~48~57)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Kuei (38) ~ The Antagonism The Antagonism is defined through a fire upon a lake image, a conflictive relationship between elements that tend to annul each other. The sign belongs to an energy´s destructive cycle and, when appearing as a hidden or conditioning factor  to other experiences reviewed in The Book of Changes, it uses […]

A couple´ s harmony

Consultar I Ching y Tarot en Tres Mancias

A consultant is in a love relationship, both of them sharing labour activities, and choose Tarot cards to know what the relationship will be in the future. These are the cards in three readings with different decks. Aquarian, Egyptian and Marseille tarots arcana It seems the relationship has its ups and downs depending on random […]