El I Ching y el ADN

Estructura del I Ching

Hay quienes han encontrado relaciones curiosas entre el I Ching y la estructura del ADN. El ADN es una larga molécula de 1,3 mts., de alto peso, y con forma de hilo doble retorcido, como una escalera caracol. Está compuesto por dos cadenas de ácidos y azúcares alternados unidos a intervalos: la timina (T) siempre […]

Un pronóstico anual para asuntos legales

Consultar al I Ching - Tres Mancias

Una consultante pide un pronóstico anual sobre un asunto de interés social, muy ligado a papeles y libros. Sin dar más detalles, quiere saber qué conducta ajena esperar a futuro. Para mantener la reserva de la consulta, a las personas involucradas se las llama en esta nota “la persona”. Y en la consulta se obtuvo […]

Love mismatch

Tarot - Tres Mancias

A consultant looks for Tarot cards to know about the situation of a person with which had a love relationship. Nowadays they´re distanced and would like to know about the chances to come back to him. These are the cards in three readings with different decks: Aquarian, Egyptian and Marseille Tarot arcana Cards are pointing […]

Wei Chi (64): Before Consummation (37~39~53)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Wei Chi (64) ~ Before Consummation Before Consummation is an unordered order sign, creative chaos in which nothing is still defined as a developed form. The situation has all the necessary elements or ingredients for a later fructification but they´re not yet indicated the ways, goals or plans. Thus, I Ching suggests stopping the action […]

Chi Chi (63): After Consummation (38~40~54)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Chi Chi (63) ~ After Consummation After Consummation is one of the four basic experiences we can track in signs commented on The Book of Changes. The others are The Creative (1), The Receptive (2) and Before Consummation (64). As an underlying situation, we find it in hexagrams genesis that we´ll see in this article but […]

Kuei Mei (54): The Young Marriageable (11~18~26~46)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Kuei Mei (54) ~ The Young Marriageable The 64 situations in The Book of Changes (I Ching) can be grouped in four groups with 16 hexagrams each one and thus observed some forces and visible interactions in tew answer we got in a reading. Each Chinese sign contains another sign that conditions in a specific […]

Chien (53): The Evolution (12~17~25~45)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Chien (53) ~ The Evolution The Evolution is a sign conditioned by chaos (Wei Chi, 64). By suggesting advancing slowly and with method, this sign Chien keeps reminiscences with the organizing activity of other sign that is also conditioned by Wei Chi, The Family (Chia Jen, 37). But while in The Family prime roles, in […]

Kou (44): The Coupling (13~31~33~49)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Kou (44) ~ The Coupling The Coupling is a sign of random union, spontaneous and without previous planning. As in Ta Kuo and Kuai, Ch´ien (Hexagram 1: The Creative) is its inner conditioning, which indicates that this meeting occurs through a self-motivated inner force. Without it, things were not what they are. Kou is inside […]

Kuai (43): The Resolution (14~32~34~50)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Kuai (43) ~ The Resolution The Overflow Diverging The Resolution is the inner hexagram in other four situations inside the I Ching, it breaks through them and is their common basis. As an inner hexagram, it signals the hidden nucleus, non-visible phenomena that are conditioning the situation in the reading. In Kuai´s situation, it´s an […]

Hsieh (40): The Liberation (15~22~36~52)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Hsieh(40) ~ The Liberation The Liberation is one of three Chinese signs or hexagrams with an inner order that is moderate and uncertainly (un)stable (see Hexagram 63: After Consummation, o Chi Chi). It´s defined through thunder´s upon the abyss as a natural image and, since it belongs to an energy´s productive cycle, indicates a circumstance […]

Chien (39): The Impediment (16~21~35~51)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Chien (39) ~ The Impediment In Before Consummation (64 – Wei Chi), we´ve seen how this last hexagram internally conditions Chien (The Impediment, 39). And as a flower reproducing other flowers, The Impediment is at the same time the hidden inner situation in other situations in the I Ching. To recap, we have chaos (64) […]

K´ uei (38): The Antagonism (5~9~48~57)

I Ching en Tres Mancias

Kuei (38) ~ The Antagonism The Antagonism is defined through a fire upon a lake image, a conflictive relationship between elements that tend to annul each other. The sign belongs to an energy´s destructive cycle and, when appearing as a hidden or conditioning factor  to other experiences reviewed in The Book of Changes, it uses […]