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I Ching readings
Fortune-telling with The Book of Changes
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Tarot readings
Fortune-telling with the Aquarian, Egyptian and Marseille arcana
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Esoteric Tarot course
All major arcana in 16 private or group classes
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Vocation and Work
Vocational guidance and forecast with the I Ching, Tarot and Astrology
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Compatibility in relationships and forecast with the I Ching, Tarot and Astrology
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Karmic Astrology
Causes, effects and reincarnation in a personalized reading
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Developmental Astrology
Your three birth charts in an esoteric personalized reading
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Free Will Astrology
Change your karma and development with personalized esoteric tips
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Basic Astrology course
Read a birth chart in 3 and a half months
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Esoteric Astrology course
6-weeks intensive practices to learn all the esoteric topics at TM
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Karmic Astrology course
Read karma in a birth chart with an atheistic and vital approach
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Aquarian, Egyptian and Marseille decks
Practical information to broaden perception and make decisions.
Cards symbolize the experience and each style brings a point of view.

Aquarian Tarot

This deck is the most modern when compared to the Egyptian and Marseille arcana. It was designed in the 1970s by David Palladini, with vivid colours and vintage shapes that make a direct, clear and quite theatrical emotional impression. Its oval lines and the expression of its characters form a harmonic continuity that awakens intuitive perception, especially through the interplay between backgrounds and the elements in each card. And minor arcana are extremely explicit when compared to the Spanish deck cards, adding strength, precision and some drama degree. In general, I use this Aquarian deck to answer questions that are also precise, direct and concrete, from intuitive sensitivity applied to practical questions.

Tarot acuariano en Tres Mancias
Aquarian Tarot arcana

Egyptian Tarot

The Egyptian deck is the oldest among the three that I use. I use the Kier Editorial deck, which offers straight forms with particular symbolisms: the Egyptian gods’ pantheon, different planes of manifestation, and alchemical, Hebrew, astrological and numerological symbols. It´s a typical deck for esotericism lovers! In general, I use this deck to read the context in which questions that are mostly tinged with uncertainty are posed, as well as the relationships with other factors that affect the consultant situation. In this way, a reading is constructed by clarifying the situation and pointing out the observed causes and consequences, reaching a panoramic map that adds fundamental data that were unknown.

Tarot egipcio en Tres Mancias
Egyptian Tarot arcana

Marseille Tarot

Marseille deck dates from the Renaissance period and its illustrations easily awaken a plastic and flexible perception that invites movement. These characteristics allow us to construct a metaphorical reading, with analogies that transform the initial perception that motivates us to ask. I usually use this specific deck when I receive inquiries that contain some degree of reflection or review of situations, whether focused on the past, present or future. Word games, the identification between forms, continuities and discontinuities between cards are all elements that are translated into concise and concrete statements, a narrative that often ends up transforming consultants vision.

Tarot de Marsella en Tres Mancias
Marseille Tarot acana

What does a reading include?

Tarot readings - Tres Mancias

Price (per question): € 26.- U$D 31.- $ 3.000.-

Printing/sending rates are not included.

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True readings

Projects, relationships, legal affairs, gambling, wellness, couple, work …

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Personalized and handmade

esoteric Tarot

individually or in a group
all arcana in 16 online classes (5 months)

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Major arcana!

Choose a card. Each one of them is about an esoteric topic comparing Aquarian, Egyptian and Marseille Tarots. Ask for a full reading with three decks!

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