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The ātman chart

If you follow Tres Mancias, you surely know what  Developmental Astrology is about, the birth charts, and how is combined with the Karmic Astrology and Free Will Astrology, a set of topics that the consultancy offers as separated or integrated readings, depending on your interest.

In the offers, you also have at your disposal the reading material for the Esoteric Astrology course. It´s Astrology and fusions. The three Zodiacs, a book with 287 pages (20 chapters and 3 annexes) with all the esoteric topics that are spread at Tres Mancias and all the bases to interprete and read the visible, the invisible and the gradients of the dense. It´s distributed for free, to read online and/or download in .pdf format (3.34 MB).


In this article, the consultancy brings to you a continuation for that book, Figures on planetary progressions, a brief publication with 29 pages and also for free distribution, to read online and/or download in .pdf format (1.26 MB). There, you´ll find a new vital- esoteric astrological proposal: planetary rulerships to use in a fourth zone of expression in the Zodiac or ātman zone.

Ātman chart - Esoteric Astrology - Tres Mancias
Ātman rulerships in the Zodiac ~ Esoteric Astrology


With the logic mentioned in Astrology and fusions, you could calculate the emplacements of your planets, angles, and draw the chart that completes the vital approach specifically for the human experience in Astrology.

Tres Mancias offers fortune-telling in handmade and personalized readings, individual follow-up courses and is also interested in spreading esoterism and mancias. Join this new spread by sharing Astrology and fusions, and Figures on planetary progressions!

Leave your questions, comments and reflections below and on social networks, and remember subscribing to the newsletter to receive directly in your inbox email the last news at the consultancy, exclusive promos in readings and courses, and notices about new publications. Enjoy!


©Julia Pérez Bustamante | All rights reserved

Update 09-25-21

Psychic energy and reincarnation

How to include the ātman chart in readings?

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